The Life and Times of Gemini Archipelago

Gemini Archipelago Chapter 37: The Cup Tips Twice

Gemini Archipelago stood there blinking. Through the rich fog of chemical vapour came a gut-wrenchingly familiar view.

A strong, aquiline nose burst through diamond-sharp cheekbones. Large eyes, blue as a summer sky sat either side of the protrusion. Her skin glowed with the force of a small star and thick, chocolatey curls pooled at her shoulders.

“Meet your sishter Gemini Arkipelagogh. Ve found her, floatink around a vunderfull little pleashure sheep. Truly, an ekspenshive ackvisition. Her name ish Galahpagouche Arkipelagogh, vould you like me to introdouche you t-“

Zweig’s brain escaped the back of his head with a loud pop, like a child’s pinky hooking their cheek. They sprayed the monitors behind him, a screensaver of headmeat. It slid slowly down the screen, staining the glass a thick red.

Her rigid form span into a crouch and pulled the trigger. Galpagos Archipelago’s jaw was still hanging when her neck exploded. Eyes rolling backwards she began to spiral. The impact of the second slug knocked her back, the third onto her knees. With a baritone impact her skull connected with the dermasteel floor.

Her murderer was already standing by the time the tale of Galapagos Archipelago ended. With nary a glance back, her dear sweet sister reloaded the Z-Boy and proceeded towards the control panel.

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